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Platinum Cache for Android

Android in PlatinumCache C4

In android we used SD card as our target drive. DTS PlatinumCache C4 reads and writes data to/from SD card to increase throughput. It is designed in such a way to fulfill the needs of every category of clients ranging from small to large enterprises. Performance becomes greatly enhanced because data transfer occurs from Cache which is RAM so no or little storage overhead. Speed is faster, as it is utilizing the maximum speed of the medium.

In android phones as we installed applications from android market it will affect the performance of android phone. As the number of applications increases, the memory speed get slower. PlatinumCache C4 will eliminate this problem and giving a good I/O response. When we import our PlatinumCache C4 in android phone it will increase its performance and speed.


Four policies are currently supported in DTS PlatinumCache C4, namely:
    1) Write Through
    2) Write Back
    3) Write Only
    4) Pre-fetching or Read Through

Figure 2 below gives a graphical description of the three policies.

Figure2-a DTS Android Policies C4 Write-Back, Write-Through & Read-Through Policies.

Figure2-b DTS Linux C4 Write-Back & Write-Through Policies.

Kernel/Android Development Technology

Our solution is to prevent any malicious programs or users from making any permanent damage to the system. We can achieve this level of control by working on the Kernel layer.

When our application is installed and enabled on the system it prevents any writes from being made on the secondary memory i.e. the hard disk drive on the computer. Instead, all writes are first saved on a temporary cache that will be flushed when the system power down. This temporary cache can also be committed thus making any changes the user has made persist on the hard disk drive.

Linux -based Programming Services by DTS

Our software development services for Linux based operation systems include:


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