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DTS Vulnerability Assessment Services

DTS vulnerability assessment team performs various vulnerability assessment services to ensure secure, resilient and dependable IT systems of your organizations. Following services are provided by our team.

Web Application Security Assessment

In DTS, we try to find security related lapses in the web applications you use before they harm your enterprise. Buffer overflows, cross site scripting, cross site request forgery, improper data sanitization, injection attacks and weak authentication are some of the security threats among others that make a web application vulnerable. We perform Web Application Security Assessment to evaluate the functionality and resilience of a web application to known security threats.  This assessment analyzes all components of a web application infrastructure including how each component is deployed and how each component communicates with both the client and server environments.  A collection of commercial and open-source tools are used to perform this assessment as well as manual testing is utilized to find out the threats to the web application.  Web application credentials may be requested to conduct a more comprehensive review of a particular application.  Typically, some host and network security practices are reviewed as part of a Web Application Security Assessment.

Enterprise Security Assessment

Enterprise Security Assessment services from DTS help enterprises run their business smoothly with a feeling of high security. In Enterprise Security Assessment, our team performs comprehensive review of an entire infrastructure including host, network, application and environmental controls.  This assessment also includes a review of existing policies and procedures. In short our Enterprise Security Assessment performs a security audit of your enterprise.

Host-Based Security Assessment

DTS also provides Host-Based Security Assessment services. Here we try to analyze and find the security threats that can make a workstation or server vulnerable to security risks. DTS will look for both local and remotely exploitable vulnerabilities by analyzing access controls, patch levels and system configurations.  A collection of commercial and open source scanning tools are used for this type of assessment.  Additional hands-on inspection is also done if required. Host-Based Security Assessment of a workstation or server is one of the first steps for securing the whole enterprise.

Smart Security Assessment (Attack and Penetration)

Here in DTS our engineers can provide Smart Security Assessment services to your enterprise. Smart Security Assessment can also be referred to as an Attack and Penetration Test. This assessment figures out vulnerabilities such as missing patches, unnecessary services, weak authentication and weak encryption.  This type of assessment includes components of an Application Vulnerability Assessment and a Host-Based Security Assessment which DTS can provide effectively.  Smart Security Assessment will help determine how vulnerable a system is to internet and intranet attacks. Whether intruders can gain access to sensitive information, whether social engineering techniques are effective and whether current operational controls are effective. The results of the assessment are compiled into a report form for clients to perform evaluation of the assessment results.

Information Security Risk Assessment
 In case of Information Security Risk Assessment, our team performs discussion with key staff, review of existing documentation and a visit to the site to evaluate physical and environmental controls.  This type of assessment will help determine whether systems are susceptible to physical attacks and whether environmental controls are adequate. Our services help your enterprise in speeding up the Physical Security Assessment. We understand the current security risks that the information technology industry is facing and know that a complete solution also involves Information Security Risk Assessment among other assessments.

Security Assessment for Cloud Services

The cloud computing stack involves Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Additionally the cloud can be public, private or a hybrid. Each of these combinations has inherent security risks attached that reduce the adoption of cloud services on a wide scale. Top security issues are related to public clouds. There is a lack of trust among clients regarding the public cloud provider. Clients think that their data may be at risk due to the incomplete security measures adopted by the service provider. As far as the private clouds are concerned they may not be necessarily free of security risks although the security risks are minimized in comparison with public clouds. Private clouds are a black-box that needs to be analyzed for getting fool proof security. The different services provided by cloud computing have their own security risks. Un-authorized access of data remains an issue with SaaS. It remains a question in SaaS how the data is secured and stored. PaaS provider may come under attack which can make your application hosted with the PaaS provider vulnerable to attacks. IaaS providers must ensure that their network and physical machine are secure. In view of these threats DTS provides security assessment services for cloud. We help our valuable clients to assess the maturity of their cloud solution's security controls and mechanisms by comparing against best practices and their cloud security objectives. We also provide recommendations to strengthen the security posture of cloud to help prevent security breaches.

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