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Business Intelligence
Time is an important asset for any business. Businesses needing quick and accurate information regarding the Arab and Asian countries can utilize DTS Business Intelligence (BI) product. DTS BI product is for clients who want quick information and reports regarding Arab and Asian nations. DTS BI product includes dashboards and reports for users for quick decision making. Arab countries data for multiple categories like Mobile Phones, Books, and Health Sector etc is included for analysis purposes. The dashboards will help the investors in quick decision making from the visual display of the key factors in a single screen. In addition to the dashboards different detailed reports are added for deeper analysis and understanding.


Flags of Some Arab Countries

Different marketing companies can utilize DTS BI product for effective marketing campaigns.

Countries Included:

The current countries in our analysis include:

    * Bahrain
    * Egypt
    * India
    * Iraq
    * Jordan
    * Kuwait
    * Lebanon
    * Oman
    * Pakistan
    * Qatar
    * Saudi Arabia
    * Syria
    * UAE
    * Yemen

Data Collection Domains:

Some of the domains for which we have collected data for analysis countries include:
    * Mobile Phones
    * Laptops
    * Manpower
    * Autos
    * Watches
    * TVs
    * Health Care
    * Bags
    * Books
    * Food & Dietary Measures
    * Information Technology
    * Electronic Devices
    * Digital Cameras
    * And many more to come …

Data Retrieval Software:

Our custom developed web mining software can retrieve data from online shopping websites. The tool can be a valuable asset in quickly retrieving data. Using the tool we have collected ecommerce related data from multiple online shopping portals. The tool can retrieve data like product name, price, number of reviews, average customer rating, number of five stars, number of four stars etc.

Business Intelligence related projects can get too much benefit from automated data retrieval on daily basis. In addition to the web mining we want to add physical survey based data collection in future.

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