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Platinum Cache for Busy Networks

Platinum Cache for busy networks is a solution for solving the storage bottleneck issues that decreases the performance of the network. Platinum Cache is a caching solution of DTS for solving the storage bottleneck issues associated with the traditional storage devices. DTS provides the caching solutions for both desktop and server based systems to improve the system performance that gets reduced due to the bottlenecks associated with our storage devices. DTS proposes a Platinum Cache based solution for busy networks.

Platinum Cache for busy networks is an extension of Platinum Cache on a single node. First of all we will need Platinum Cache for client and server systems. DTS has required Platinum Cache solutions for client and server line of operating systems from Microsoft. These solutions provide good read/write performance on these individual single nodes by minimizing the access to the slow storage. The individual performance from these nodes can be combined together to provide a combined improved performance for the network.

Platinum Cache for busy networks provides many potential advantages. The foremost potential advantage is improved read/write performance resulting in improved network performance. If the cache fulfills a large portion of incoming requests than every node in the network will get data from its local cache which will reduce the burden on already over burden network. This will again result in improved network performance. Thirdly caching will reduce the burden on your storage devices. Minimum requests on the storage will keep your devices healthy which will again benefit the network.

At DTS we have a research & development experience for caching system of multiple years. We can provide our clients a solution for the storage bottleneck problem for multiple platforms of Microsoft Windows. We have solutions for both fixed and removable type of storages. Over the years many clients have tested our caching system in their environments.

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