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Profile of CEO
Dr. Hiro Takahashi



Prof. Dr. Hiro Takahashi holds Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. His PhD research is based on Autonomous Decentralized distributed system architecture with multiple nodes having either only L3 cache or both L3 and L4 cache. L3 cache is based on RAMDISK idea and L4 is another layer using caching in memory chip inside HDD. He had experience working with Intel Japan and United States in supercomputer domain. From 1990, he participated the research team of “Radial Super computer system bus architecture” and he invented its control process to achieve 800MHz at that era.

Additionally he had experience of making different associations in Japan and abroad. 3D graphics library consortium was "Open GL Japan" to promote "Red book and Blue book" as standard graphics library textbook with Mr. Maison Lue. Dr. Hiro Takahashi has been effectively working with researchers and technology companies for many years. From 1990 to 2010, he was staying at Portland Oregon and San Jose California in USA.

DTS, Inc. that stands for Data Transmission System, was established in 1996 by Dr. Hiro Takahashi. DTS has patents of various technologies and his research for making the architecture of the computer more efficient has been published in various international conferences and reputable journals. DTS products and solutions cover caching techniques, customer relationship management, business intelligence, security solutions and Semantic computing domains. Dr. Hiro Takahashi developed Ontology based Web Application Firewall in 2010 which at that time was a unique product in the security domain. Currently Dr. Hiro Takahashi is leading a system for automatic categorization of web data using Ontology technology. In recent years, he has been advocating the fusion of art theory with human and information systems. His research attempts to incorporate the relationship between the brain and information systems has been published in ISADS 2012.

Dr. Hiro Takahashi also contributes towards e nergy industry and agriculture system development in Asian counties nowadays. He established DTS Inc at 1996 and opened local company in 2007 in Karachi. Dr,Hiro Takahashi has been investing to Pakistan since 2001 over 10M USD.

At energy sector, he design Magnesium battery implementation design and its control technology (RAIC) and he innovated patent pending technology ADETS (Autonomous Decentralized Energy Transmission System) for natural energy generation unit such as solar panel, Wind power and primary battery as Magnesium battery to facilitate into Smart Grid energy power environment.

Dr. Hiro Takahashi established Tokyo Multimedia at Karachi Pakistan to educate young Pakistani engineers and designers. Dr. Hiro Takahashi has been appointed as Honorary Investment Counselor for Board of Investment, Prime Minister Secretariat of Pakistan since October 2012 for developing import/export industrial business relationships between Pakistan and Japan. Some of his projects in Pakistan are water filter unit, Magnesium battery factory in Panjab area (energy sector), Halaal food promotion and Textile export arrangement. From 29th May 2014, Nippon Halaal Foundation was established in Tokyo. This organization are managed by Dr.Hiro Takahashi and Mr.Naeem Khan as CEO of Halaal Foundation in Pakistan. Nippon Hallal Foundation provides education of Halaal and Haram/Najis definition and promote the understanding Shariah’s law in Japanese people. Nippon Halaal Foundation gives the halaal certification process lecture and provides halaal certification in Japan.

At education sector, Dr. Hiro Takahashi is also appointed as a Visiting Professor in NUST SEECS for computer science 2012 at MOT (management of technology) and Visiting Professor at Jinnah University of Women from JAN 2014 at Computer Science department. From 2015, Dr.Takahashi was appointed Prof. / Director of ORIC at Greenwich University.

1 - Education background and academic activities:
2 - Received MOT at Tokyo University of Science 2005 to 2006
3 - Received Ph.D. of Computer Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology 2008 to 2010
4 - Received MOT at Tokyo University of Science 2005 to 2006
5 - Received BS of Applied Physics and Science at Tokyo University of Electric. 1982
6 - Visiting Researcher at University of Tokyo (Human Environment Department) 2007
7 - Visiting Professor in NUST SEECS from 2012,
8 - Professor at Jinnah University of Women from 2014
9 - Environment planner / DBSJ member/
10 - IEEE member/ IEICE member / IPSJ member /HL7 member


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