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Semantic Based Ontological Forensic Model

Semantic Based Ontological forensic model for patent protection, Tracking unfair transactions in company or Internet:

Fraudulent transaction in accounting system/ Patent fringe/ Money laundering is an illegal activity carried out by individuals which occurs outside of the normal range of economic and financial systems.

Several money laundering schemes have been evolved that facilitate with online financial transaction and web-services.  In terms of global usability, electronic money is most suitable for money laundering schemes. Therefore, there is always difficult to differentiate between legitimate and fraud transactions.

We are working on this particular domain, in which have combine OWL ontology components to construct some of the money laundering/patent infringe/fraudulent transaction schemes, which would help us to detect and decompose suspected financial schemes and recognize any of the misuse and illegal act.  These ontological construct are integrated with financial transaction specific languages to provide forensic analysis.  We are working on the algorithm to maintain and track these schemes with the key objective to identify the financial transaction that match the construct of our semantic based training-less ontology.

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