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It is a platform built to promote small and medium business companies locally and globally all over the world. It does not only provide the web presence for your company in this fast moving world of Information Technology but gives an opportunity to spread your wings across the Asian countries and stand out among others.

Our team of dedicated and seasoned professional Call Center executives backed by state of the art infrastructure and technology will promote your business worldwide by facilitating customers in their native languages to chose products according to their requirements and provide you with feedback response so you can actually track your business progressing in all parts of the world. Our call center executives will also provide 24 hours customer support according to customer's preferred communication medium through various IT based tools. Our e-marketing team will ensure the continuous growth of your business through advertising in forums, e-newspapers, magazines and directing web traffic towards us.

GlocalizationBiz is an online storefront of Japanese based IT giant DTS Inc. to provide e-commerce services all across Asia including India, Pakistan, Srilanka as well as Saudi Arabia and UAE. Company has strategic partners and major operations in Japan and Pakistan. Since its inception, Glocalizationbiz has, extended its reach to cover all major countries in Asia, simultaneously establishing a network of partners in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Shopping at GlocalizationBiz is as simple as ABC, customers can chose products according to the popularity in their local culture ensured by using Location based techniques and by selection of products based upon user interests and behaviors in the local region. create an account, login, then checkout and pay and your items are on their way. Payments can be done by Paypal which also accepts major credit cards, certified cheques for normally shipped items.

Shopping can be fun, but it also takes a lot of time and it can be very frustrating if you do not find what you were looking for. So GlocalizationBiz.com offers you the right solution.

Future means to illuminate the difficulties and immaturities of yesterday. As the future is at door, we at GlocalizationBiz, want to bring the needs of a human on the convenience of this remarkable idea of Global Platform. Only one click and a whole world opens to you!!!


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