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MicroBiz CRM

MicroBiz CRM is a web-based enterprise-class Customer Relationship Management application, used mainly by small and medium-sized businesses. MicroBiz CRM can be used to manage your company's wide CRM and Inventory Management activities, such as sales force automation, customer support & service, marketing automation, procurement & fulfillment effectively. 

Key Modules

Bulletin Board:

  • Can be used to spread message across all the users of a specific group in the MicroBiz CRM.
  • Message creation under a specific category.
  • Multiple files can be associated to a specific Messages.
  • Files can be downloaded individually or as a package in zip format.
  • Comments to a specific message supported.

Japanese Language Support:

  • MicroBiz CRM provides you with Japanese Language Support.
  • Japanese Language supported in all modules.

Employee Directory:

  • Directory for the Employees of your company.
  • Employee Name, Email, Contact Number, Company Name, Employee Address and Description can be recorded for an Employee with the support of this module.

Facility Reservation:

  • Used for the Adding new facilities to the Calendar module.
  • By adding new facilities user will select his/her desired location and time for the event that he/she wants to create.
  • The reserved facility cannot be reserved for the same time duration.
  • Facilities can also be added and deleted.

Sales Force Automation:

  • Manages leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities.
  • Import data from external sources, such as Web downloads tradeshows, seminars, and direct mail.
  • Exports data to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice ®, and others to analyze the sales pipeline and quickly identify the bottlenecks if any.
  • Associates customer records with other records in the system for a better 360 degrees view of the customer record.
  • Attaches customer-specific documents to the customer details for a quick reference in future.

Help Desk:

  • Manages trouble tickets end-to-end.
  • Notifies status of the trouble tickets to the customers.
  • Tracks complete history of the trouble tickets.
  • Creates frequently asked questions.
  • Integrated Customer Self Service Portal with Help Desk.
  • Statistics of the trouble tickets for a better ticket management.

Inventory Management:

  • Manages organization-wide product life cycle end-to-end.
  • Creates different price books for products based on customer segments.
  • Procures products from the selected list of vendors.
  • Completes the sales management cycle with an integrated Quotations, Order processing, and Invoicing system.

E-mail Integration:

  • Fetches inbound E-mails and associate to the existing contacts.
  • Manages mailing lists and execute HTML based mass E-mail campaigns.
  • Sends mass E-mails to the contacts and other users.

Reports & Dashboards:

  • Fully customizable reports for all the modules.
  • Sales pipeline analysis by sales stage.
  • Monthly Sales pipeline analysis.
  • Sales opportunities by lead source.
  • Drill-down the dashboards by time and opportunity stage.

User Management:

  • Traditional user management functions like create user, modify user etc. 
  • User Preferences Management like first name, family name, company, email, access rights, phone, phone mobile etc.

Personal Calendars:

  • Enables users to keep track of calls, meetings, and tasks. 
  • Users collaboration on activities and history maintenance of all previous activities.

Security Management

  • Manages user profiles and field-level access to the users.
  • Creates team roles as per your organization structure.
  • Controls the access to modules according to the user's roles.
  • Archives the login history of each user for better auditing.

Product Customization

  • Adds custom fields in all the modules, such as text, number, currency, pick lists, and others as per your business requirements.
  • Customizes tabs using drag & drop so that modules that are not relevant to sales process can be hidden.
  • Changes the look and feel of the user interface.


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