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DTS Platinum Cache

DTS has years of experience in storage domain working for removing the bottlenecks associated with storage devices. DTS has both software and hardware based solutions for solving the storage bottleneck issues. On the software side ‘Platinum Cache’ is a solution while on the hardware front ‘M-Cell’ hard disks offer hardware based solutions.

DTS Inc has experience working for caching systems for Windows and Linux based systems (32-bit/64-bit system). DTS RAMDISK solutions add significant value to our caching system. We have multiple years experience developing the customized caching technologies for multiple platforms for our clients.

Platinum Cache is a caching system developed by DTS Inc. Japan for Microsoft Windows based systems to minimize the storage bottleneck problems associated with today’s computer systems. DTS Inc has devised this caching system for Windows based machines so as to increase the system throughput. This caching system supports two caching policies namely write-through and write-back. The system uses RAMDISK (a disk created from your system RAM) as a cache which has a high I/O rate when compared to our traditional storages.

In this document we discuss the following DTS Platinum Cache solutions:

* Platinum Cache for Desktop Systems
* Platinum Cache for Server Systems
* Platinum Cache Plug & Play (PnP)

Platinum Cache for Desktop Systems:

Platinum Cache for desktop systems supports the Microsoft client operating system line including MS Windows XP Professional (32-bit), MS Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit/64-bit). Platinum Cache for desktop systems supports the write-through & write-back policies. Depending on the available physical memory to the system, a RAMDISK is normally created for caching the data.

Users are able to easily select the cache disk, target disk & caching policy to be used using the user friendly GUI provided. The incoming Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft will be a new platform for us to develop a Platinum Cache System for it.

Platinum Cache Configuration GUI

Platinum Cache for Server Systems:
DTS Inc also supports Platinum Cache for server line of operating systems from Microsoft including Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (32-bit) & Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit).

The server edition is also supported with the standard Write-Through & Write-Back policies. Easy to use GUI is provided for the users in customizing their selection for cache disk, target disk and caching policy.

In comparison to client line of operating systems, the server versions of operating systems normally support more physical memory. This gives the chance to create big size RAMDISKs for caching the data.

Platinum Cache Plug & Play (PnP):

Platinum Cache PnP is an application of Platinum Cache for MS Windows XP Professional (32-bit) and MS Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) systems. Platinum Cache PnP is normally provided with removable devices like USB flash drives, memory cards etc.

When the user plugs in the removable device Platinum Cache PnP automatically creates a 64MB (or more) sized RAMDISK in computer physical memory without a system restart. The Platinum Cache system then uses this RAMDISK as its cache and treats the removable device as target using the write back policy. Thus the overall idea of Platinum Cache PnP is to improve the performance of these removable devices through its efficient cache mechanism.

Platinum Cache PnP users are provided with an application that resides near the system tray. The application generates red/green signals for the user telling him when it is safe to remove the device.

Data Synch Monitoring Application

At DTS we have a research & development experience for caching system of multiple years. We can provide our clients a solution for the storage bottleneck problem for multiple platforms of Microsoft Windows. We have solutions for both fixed and removable type of storages. Over the years many clients have tested our caching system in their environments.

Depending on the client needs we can arrange a demo of our caching system for Windows systems for evaluation purposes.


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